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Nicole AL
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Indonesia/ Singapore

Unless you've asked me before I type this notice, or you can convince me to do them, OR I'm in urgent need of cash, I'm not considering/ taking any of them.
Thank you.

I'm crazy about arts............... :D

I may not be able to thank everyone for the :+fav:s, +watches & comments, but I truly appreciate them all :)

Current Residence: Previously Indonesia....Now Singapore.....
deviantWEAR sizing preference: So far, M size is good............
Favourite genre of music: None, really- If I like it, I'll listen to it
Favourite style of art: manga, cartoon, fusion (manga+realism+cartoon)
MP3 player of choice: Anything I can use
Wallpaper of choice: Anything as long as it looks good (& appropriate)..........
Favourite cartoon character: Phineas & Ferb :XD:, Naruto Uzumaki, Sora (KH), Randy Cunningham, Marie (Xenopet), Finn the Human
Personal Quote: "Bounce back higher"
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Regina Spektor- The Call
  • Watching: RC9GN
Merry Christmas!
Happy holidays!

I haven't been drawing much- in fact I've been having art blocks lately
I have those moments of inspirations, but most of the time I'm just too busy to finish them...

Gosh it's almost 2015...
It's been 10 years since the Tsunami that befell Aceh, Indonesia on 26th December 2004.
It's been 2 years since the hype of the 2012 Apocalypse.
Without even needing to look back too far, 2014 has been very eventful on its own.
For everyone, for myself.
For better or for worse.

I reckon I won't be posting anything for New Year (maybe that's pessimism talking, but I really am busy with holiday assignments. I'll do my best to steal some time to submit something though), so Happy New Year everyone!!
Let's hope 2015 will be a good year!



Enchanted by NickyLuvEeyore
"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you"
Taylor Swift- Enchanted

I've been really busy lately, I needed to draw smth.

So recently I kinda told my crush that I had feelings for him (though text)(the feeling's gone now, but still). I did say that I hope this wouldn't make us awkward or anything, & he agreed, though truth be told, I'm not ready to see him again.

Then some time later I came across Taylor Swift's Enchanted, & now I just keep playing it over & over again, reminiscing over stuff. And like wow, it's funny how I only found the song NOW instead of then. 

Basically he's my singing partner- we're from the same club at school. I never really knew what I wanted with him until it was too late: I found out he just started dating. Funny thing was, just a few hours before that, I was contemplating if I should confess or give up, 'cause it was quite apparent he didn't see me as anything more than a friend (or whatever's equivalent to that). 
I just shoved the feelings under the rug whenever he's around. It felt like I could just explode then & there, but I handled it.
We texted a lot. And yeah, I was enchanted af.

Art wise, I wanted something more honest (& quick) so it's not as polished, but eh, what the heck. Good enough for a 30min vent art. Quite proud of the anatomy too. And since he's already found out abt my little crush, might as well put it up, it's part of my story anyways.

Art by NickyLuvEeyore
Adobe Photoshop CC
Bamboo Pen & Touch
Lookit' That by NickyLuvEeyore
Lookit' That
I just got my hair cut exactly like that, & for once I truly, madly, deeply, dig this new style.
I've always kept my hair short & every 2-3 months or so I'd cut them short again (no long hair for me, thanks. I look awful with long hair). But recently I just felt bored of it, and my life's been a roler coaster lately. I just want a fresh change.

I actually did some research & tried lifting my hair on the sides to see if it'll look okay. Afterwards I kept asking my parents if I should do it.
My mom usually cuts my hair for me but she's been busy at work, and going to the salon is too expensive, plus school was killing me, so after some time the desire just died... But then one day after buying groceries with my mom, she saw some guy pass by & asked me if that was the hairstyle I wanted.
Aaaand ta-daaa :D

Art direction-wise I think I love those retro goddess art & stuff (gosh what is it called I have no idea).

Art by NickyLuvEeyore
Adobe Photoshop CC
Bamboo Pen & Touch
Pull Out My Arrow by NickyLuvEeyore
Pull Out My Arrow
Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! 
AND EFF YEAH I'M STILL ALIVE!!! Just about 2 more weeks & it's the holidays, & afterwards I'll be a junior! On the less brighter side I still need to retake that stupid exam (this will be the 4th time holy shit), but I just wanna look on the bright side for now.

So this one is about me & my past romances hahah (since we're having Valentine's Day why not?), except that I have NONE. 
I've had plenty of crushes & falls on other people, though none of them ever amounted to anything other than heartbreak. I know things happen for reasons, and I guess I'm still far from ready for this romance stuff. But I do feel frustrated over this from time to time.

Then I realised that maybe it's not really the people that I fell for, but the idea. I love the idea of having that special someone & all that romance shiet, & some people just happened to fit the bill. But if it were to happen for real, I'd probably be inconvenienced most of the time. It's not always the people- sometimes it's just my perception.

Cupid's arrow pierced my heart a long time ago. But along the way I got the wrong ideas & things hardened me, so it never detached on its own & became an infection. Only I can pull it out, & when I do, hopefully I can start from scratch & this time I want to love myself first instead. 

SO in terms of art direction I was kinda inspired by Utena (which I did try to read but never really continued with) on the pose & uniform, and also that promo art for Adventure Time's Lady and Peebles by Rebecca Sugar. It took me several tries (& plenty of layers) to get the pose right. I also took some inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana's 2006 Fall Collection & included some batik bc I like batik hahah :D 
As for the flowers, I used the concept of rebirth, like how new life usually flourish around dead organisms. I tried making them more noticable, but I couldn't figure out how.
This took me abt 1 day to complete, give or take. Overall I really like this piece :D

2015 © NickyLuvEeyore
Adobe Photoshop CC
Bamboo Pen & Touch
New ID by NickyLuvEeyore
New ID
New Year, new ID :D 

So yeahahah I made this, & I think it kinda compensates for itself. The facial expression vs the colours... The face is demure & defiant, while the colours are quite vibrant, so they contrast each other.

Those appendages are chrysanthemum petals, by the way. They're my birthflower. I just copied the yellow one & changed the layer modes hahah. It looks nicer than my original sketch, so I'm happy with this :D

As much as I'd like to stay positive about this year, I have to admit I still carry some chains from 2014. I still get the urge to just punch myself in the face at times. Sometimes, forgiving yourself is so much harder than forgiving others... I still have lots of self-esteem issues to deal with- most have been dealt with, but there are persistent ones. 2014 has been a roller-coaster of emotions, too- some I saw coming, others not so much. And quite often I got knocked down.

Well, hence this piece.
I want to remind myself that I won't let anything bring me down. The world can try, but I'll continue moving. I'm not perfect, but I'll continue learning. Defiant till the end.
I'll do my best to have a good year :D

Art by NickyLuvEeyore |
Adobe Photoshop CC

Gahahahah I just noticed it kinda looks like a CD cover xD
Critiques & comments are welcome :)

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